ŠKODA Warranty

Volkswagen Group UK Ltd offers a two year warranty against manufacturing defects for VWG original parts or VWG genuine accessories (or three years for Quantum batteries), unless otherwise stated. 

The warranty on original parts applies when the part is purchased through a Main Dealer. A copy of the original invoice must be supplied for a warranty claim to be considered.

General exclusions for warranty include but are not limited to:- 

  • The part was not fitted according to the instructions of Volkswagen Group, available via ErWin
  • Failure to use all associated parts as required by VWG and/or any relevant manufacturer standards
  • The customer is unable to produce the original (or a copy of) the Trade Parts Management System (TPMS) invoice containing the part number and purchase date
  • The defect is caused by modification of the part
  • The customer failed to report the defect as soon as it became apparent or did not allow the required repairs to be carried out as soon as possible
  • The fault was caused by outside influences, such as fire, chemical or vegetation damage, flying gravel etc.
  • Parts have been fitted to vehicles for which they were not specifically intended
  • The customer has failed to follow the regulations for use of the vehicle, such as
  • The vehicle is operated long term in a country for which it has not been specified
  • The vehicle was overburdened or used for purposes for which it was not intended (e.g. racing, off road driving etc.)

Where driving style and external factors can influence the lifetime of the component, items will only be considered under the terms of the warranty for a period of six months or 6,000 miles (whichever comes first). After this limit, any defects must be considered wear and tear and will not be covered by warranty.

Components normally subject to wear and tear include, but are not limited to:

  • Brake linings and disc pads (ceramic excluded)
  • Brake discs (ceramic excluded)
  • Clutch release bearings
  • Clutch pressure plates and centre plates
  • Tyres
  • Wiper blades (wiper rubbers have no warranty owing to their conditions of use)
  • Seat and backrest covers
  • Floor coverings
  • Spark plugs
  • Batteries for key fobs and alarms
  • Light bulbs (Xenon/gas discharge bulbs and LED’s are covered for the full two year parts warranty period)
  • Shock absorbers

The customer must be referred to a local Authorised Repairer/Main Dealer for diagnosis and therefore the vehicle needs to be in a suitable condition to assess whether the fault is a manufacturing defect or as a result of fitment. 

A replacement part will be fitted once a defect has been confirmed as warranty by the chosen Authorised Repairer/Main Dealer.