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Horton Škoda Parts Shop 


Horton ŠKODA Parts has a deserved reputation for value-for-money; high standards & delivering when it counts.

We aim for outstanding customer service for everyone:Please feel free to browse our shop by choosing your model locator to the left of the page. 

We offer a comprehensive range of genuine Skoda products. All our Skoda products are available to view and buy online based on Skoda UK stock.(NOT our Dealer stock) 

Posting is done Monday - Friday. Weekend orders will processed Monday mornings.

All orders will be delivered within 3-7 working days if longer you will be advised of this delay. We only stock NEW Genuine Skoda Parts & Accessories at the Skoda Shop. 


Thanks for your support



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Yeti Steel Rim - (Winter Wheel's 16" 7J)

£67.17 (£79.02) inc. VAT

Yeti Steel Rim - (Winter Wheel's 16" 7J) 15% Discount
Door Sill Covers (Stainless) Fabia 08>14)

£69.30 (£77.00) inc. VAT

Door Sill Covers (Stainless) Fabia 08>14) 10% Discount
Engine Short Block - 03D100103A

£1,237.50 (£1,375.00) inc. VAT

Engine Short Block - 03D100103A 10% Discount